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Thread: New mixer for set Up

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    New mixer for set Up

    Hi guys I知 wanting to come away from laptop / traktor set up. I致e a pair of 1210s and am thinking of adding 2x denon Sc5000 media players. So I知 looking for a mixer which will give me the best of both worlds. I知 currently stuck between a djm750mk2 or a xone 96. But I want the mixer to serve both worlds ie compliment the sound of vinyl and also the digital players. I play progressive and melodic house into techno. I知 leaning towards the djm but am worried about the vinyl side of the sound produced and then opposite for xone. Any help or advice would be on this would be much appreciated 👍🏻

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    First hand only or second hand possible?
    What do you need it to do?
    What do you want it to do?
    bored, curious, deaf or just bad taste in music?
    finally a mix by me
    and what's this, another shoddy mix...another dull mix

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    XONE96: Still considered better sounding on vinyl tho the difference is less than it used to be. More channels. Has 4 band EQ's, no effects, just analog filters.
    DJM750: 3 Band EQ's switchable standard/isolator, digital effects, fewer channels. Rekordbox integration.

    In short, very different mixing experience, 3 band vs 4 band EQ is quite different and the eq's themselves feel different.
    It sounds to me like you want the XONE since you are not getting Pioneer digital decks you will not get the advantage of the Rekordbox integration. BUT for an extra fee you can upgrade your rekordbox to the DVS feature, then you could play digital tracks with control vinyl right through the mixer, you wouldn't even need the digital decks.

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