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Thread: Custom Stereodreamer DJ Console

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    Custom Stereodreamer DJ Console

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    The frame behind is like icing on a cake, that's gorgeous
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    That is awesome! Do you sell them?
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    @Manu: "Blown Away"... it's one of my all-time faves.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Will MaXimal View Post
    That is awesome! Do you sell them?
    Thanks. No, I custom design them for personal use and then partner with a friend of mine who's a professional cabinet maker on construction.

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    Sooooooo......that OCD.
    I see it has some uses after all.


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    Man, that's really clean - almost looks like a render. You didn't go the recessed route like your previous version; nice I'd love to see what you did for cable management.
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    Outstanding across the board. The setup, the lighting, the vinyl collection, and even the paint color. Simply outstanding. Well done.
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    Very pretty.

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