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Thread: Custom Stereodreamer DJ Console

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    SC5000s updated to SC6000s

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    ( ( ( ( M O O D ) ) ) )

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    Out with the old, in with the new. Studio upgrade underway by transitioning from PA audio gear (QSC) to Hi-Fi audio (Klipsch Heritage Forte IV in Distressed Oak and Lambswool). Delicious mid-century goodness powered by Marantz Class A/B. Incredible difference. Yum!

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    Playing around in studio with the new iPhone 15 Pro's incredible camera upgrades.

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    half of me says i need the rotary and the speakers

    the other half says i should really keep both kidneys.
    bored, curious, deaf or just bad taste in music?
    finally a mix by me
    and what's this, another shoddy mix...another dull mix

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