Whatís up DJ/Production fam!!! So glad to be part of this incredible world we live and loath in with music and entertainment!

So my name is Chris Byrnes aka DJ Chris Hype and Iím based out of Jersey Shore area in Toms River!
Iím 28 years old.
So I DJ/MC with an amazing entertainment company called Fresh New Angle. We are based out of Holmdel, NJ. Iím also a fitness franchise owner with F45 Training. And I do a little side hustle with real estate investing.
So I first started getting interested in mixing when I was coaching group fitness classes with Orangetheory years ago. I discovered an app called Pacemaker, where youíre able to create your own mixes and transitions and such. It wasnít long after I started making my own and then decided to buy my first little baby Numark mixer! It was fun learning, watching tutorials etc., Now I do a lot of weddings, private parties, events, graduations, boat cruises. Trying to make my way into the club/bar scene as well.
1000% Avicii has always been my influence. His vibe and ora and dedication to the craft just hooked me. RIP!
Definitely interested in health and fitness. Thatís always been my go to. Traveling, living life on the edge.
I like a nice beach bar, I also like a nice night on a boardwalk. But definitely a backyard/pool/fire pit kinda guy.
I definitely feel a lot like Iron Man 😅🙌🏼