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Thread: Giving it another try!

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    Giving it another try!

    Once a DJ, always a DJ! I've been away from the scene since 2012, selling all my gear back then so I could look after my disabled wife. Then she left me after meeting up with an ex-boyfriend. Oh well, these things happen.

    Moving on to the present day and I had thought that my DJ days were well and truly behind me, but not so! My 'new' girlfriend (of two+ years) has actively encouraged me to get back into mobile DJ work and even went as far as buying a 2kW rig for me last summer! I have since added about 16 lighting effects, including some nice retro Roboscans (my old favourites!) and we should complete the setup this weekend when I buy some bi-lite trussing and making up a stack of cables. At 60 years of age I felt that my disco days were behind me, but she is keen for us to start this business together and get out on the road, a certain virus permitting of course. Things do seem to be opening up a little now though.

    I've been DJing since the age of 18, with a few short gaps here and there. This has been my main line of work, with music production for a record label between 1999 and 2010. I also build websites and produce audio-visual presentations, jingles and mixes/remixes.

    Getting back into the music, which I am totally out of touch with, is going to be challenging, but I have thrown myself back into this as much as I can and I feel quite confident that I am back where I need to be. My work will chiefly be for weddings and similar parties so I won't need too much int eh way of specialist music. My clubbing days are probably over but I still absolutely love many dance and club styles, keeping up to date with things like techno, house and tech-house. I am still a raver at heart. I loved that scene.

    I am based in Skegness in south Lincolnshire but my main studio is now near Wisbech in Cambridgeshie, so our coverage area will probably be far and wide. I used to do a lot of agency work up to 2012 and this took me all over the country, so I don't mind travelling large distances.

    As for my musical interests, I am a compulsive mixer/producer. If I can't find a remix of a song I need/want then I will produce one myself if I can. This has been my life and I am lucky enough to have worked in the music industry producing remixes and mix albums for a living. It all started when I used to work clubs back in the late 90s where I would often play my own remixes of songs in the club where I worked.

    I have also worked as a presenter on FM community radio in Nottingham and on internet radio here in Lincolnshire.

    Hopefully this introduction is not too long, but in the interests of following the guidelines in the "Please read this first" post, this is a little bit about me and what I do. Now I just need to get my mind back into gear for the road and for the crowds. Hopefully we will be ready for this in the next week or two once the PAT testing and PLI is sorted.

    Cheers all!


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    Good luck.
    In much the same position myself. DJ'd for a while about 7 years ago but suffered a bout of ill health. However, feeling better and getting back into it again now at the age of 56.
    Just spent about 1k upgrading a few things including a trolley and padded bags to better protect my lighting. Also hugely impressed at some of the lighting available out of China, particularly Wifi DMX built in, and battery operated. Bought 4 battery uplighters with incredible build quality, battery operated and built in DMX for a steal. Also some really nice moving heads. I also upgraded all my other lights with built in DMX via modules and they work amazingly well. Was able to get rid of a box full of DMX cables! Far easier to set up and strip down.
    Spent the last while updating my music library, and about ready to relaunch. Just reinventing my image and name, and getting assistance from my daughter as she insists I will get my bookings from the likes of Instagram now and not a website! Onwards and upwards!

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