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One thing to be aware of is that if you are using Serato to mix with and using the laptop to record your mixes, is that you are forcing the laptop to do two audio things at the same time.
I'm guessing that this probably isn't an issue on modern laptops, once you have set up the inputs and outputs correctly.

Personally I use one laptop for DVS and one laptop for recording. Just so everything is clean and clear, and the computer cycles are being used for specific jobs, no driver clashes or anything other than will get in the way. Also it means I have the displays showing me what is going on at the same time rather than flicking between recording and DVS programs.
But then again, I use laptops that are about 15 years old (!), so maybe I'm just old school and too precautious. I could use my modern laptop, but when you got something that does the job, best not to mess with it I guess.
I'm more old school than you... I still use 100 percent Vinyl. Although I'm figuring out this control vinyl, I still prefer the real thing. But the 15 year old laptop, you got me beat on that. I have a gaming laptop so I think it should be able to maintain it, but you never know. I'm just happy that the sound card gives me better audio than the headphone jack, I can actually put some bass in it, before I could not because it would be distorted.