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Thread: Charging in the UK

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    Charging in the UK

    I know these questions are akin to the "how long is a piece of string" type question.
    But just now coming back into the game after being forced to stop 6 years ago due to a medical issue, I am trying to gauge where we are in terms of what can be charged here in the UK.

    Its clear that the market in the UK and USA are very different in terms of how events are charged, and also in what amounts can be charged.

    In my experience, it never appeared there was any latitude to charge extra for extra lights for instance. It seems that here, it is just expected that if you hire a DJ it will be including lights etc.

    My aim is to focus mainly on Weddings after those previous years of gigging at parties, reunions weddings and sports events. I was always able to charge more for a wedding than the other events, and they all pretty much involved the same amount of sweat and labour.

    So my question is relating to what is currently achievable in the UK (not the London bubble), but in most average towns for a wedding.
    Is there a demand for all day music, as in service, reception and main evening?
    Is there a demand for upsell extras, what works in the UK and what can be charged?

    Im happy to look at photo booths etc if there is a demand.

    My typical weddings in the past would have been around the 100-150 mark, in local hotels and venues.
    So just trying to gauge, what are the UK guys charging currently and what options do you have for upselling?

    I would class my setup as mid upper in terms of presentation. It would certainly be a step ahead of most of the DJ setups Ive seen in the flesh over the last number of years.
    Its not infinity dance floor and 55" tv standard, but very presentable, tidy and looks good in a wedding environment. I haven't scrimped on the sound either and can cater for up to 4 tops and 2 x 18" subs when required.
    All lighting is modern and controlled via painstakingly put together DMX scenes and I have all the requisite music required, and the ability to provide a good show.
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