Hoping someone can help!

I've just bought a pair of KRK Rokit G4's but after connecting them up to my DDJ-T1 controller, the audio keeps cutting out after about 2 minutes of playing a track on Traktor (pro 3). It'll be fine then all of a sudden there'll be no sound, but the track will still be running on Traktor. I'll relaunch Traktor, and the same thing will happen again.

Before I bought the speakers I was using the built-in audio of my Mac as the output, which I'd connect to a Bose Bluetooth speaker, and I had no problems at all. This makes me think it's either a problem with the controller itself or the cables? I'm using a XLR to RCA cable (which came with the speakers as part of the package) but I wonder if I try using an XLR to TRS cable if it will resolve the issue? The controller has both RCA and TRS outputs, but in theory they should both work? I can also hear a bit of feedback when I jiggle the cables slightly - is this normal?

I downloaded Traktor a couple of months ago so it surely isn't a software-related issue, and because I've got a Mac, I haven't needed to download the latest controller drivers. Does anyone know what might be the issue??

Thanks so much in advance!