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    Im wanting to get some monitors to DJ/mix drum n bass/jungle in my "bedroom" and it is a strange shape. I'm a noob with sound but what I do know is my home HiFi speaker aren't the best.
    Ive been looking around and the "best" for my price range are:
    Kali Audio Lp-6
    PreSonus (Eris E5)
    KRK Classic 5
    I'm sure there were a couple more but I cant remember.
    All I've been told is that the bass port should come out of the front as my setup atm is against the wall. Also, Ive probably been watching too many videos on the youtube about that mention room sizes, flat wall and ceilings etc. My ceiling isnt flat, I have 2 beams running across the ceiling and I'm not sure if that with effect the sound.
    Most vids say that the Kali is the best in its price range but I have no way of checking which monitors sound best.
    Please let me know which you think is "best" and please add to the list.
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