The Jose Feliciano Medley is finished. Jose was born blind in Puerto Rico in 1945. He is best known for his Christmas song called Feliz Navidad, and for Light My Fire, and California Dreaming. Light My Fire was actually the B side of California Dreaming. You got to wonder what these record producers where thinking when they put Light My Fire on the B side! He also wrote the Theme song of the hit TV show, Chico And The Man! I know him from his spanish guitar, and for his excellent Boleros. When doing my research, I think he has more Boleros, than any other famous artist. I don't know if that is true or not, but he sure sings a bunch of them. This mix I made is mostly his Boleros, But Light My Fire is in there, and so is California Dreaming, plus a bunch of other classics, including a big hit by a famous Tejano artist, that is probably the best song in the mix, and I bet most people don't even know he sang it. You have to listen to the mix to find out what the mystery song is, but you will know it when you hear it. You can listen and download here: