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Thread: 180 free VST for Win, Mac, & Linux (open source)

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    180 free VST for Win, Mac, & Linux (open source)

    Just came across this set of free open-source VSTs:

    A little about the author:

    As of Monday, August 1st 2016, I began rereleasing my Audio Unit plugins for free as Mac AU, and Mac and Windows VST2, beginning with the newest version of the most popular one I ever wrote, Console. From now on, each new plugin and each port to VST/Windows will be free to the community. They are built in such a way that they're very backward compatible and run on older machines very well. My full catalog with all 'classic versions' includes over 250 plugins. As you read this, I've already released over 180 plugins under the Patreon.
    Yes, really

    This is a really good collection. If you'd like to support the author you can find his patreon @
    [URL=https: link removed - vendor account required/URL]

    He also has some free audio sample packs which are free to download too
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