Hey all,

My name is Vince, Belgian, 40 years old, and have been spinning records for about 20+ years now as a hobby. (with a couple of breaks inbetween cause of RL stuff)

Started out on some JB's back in the days (20+ years ago), since my best bud bought some and couldn't get the hang of it (techno was our favorite kind of music, as a side note).
So he passed them on to me just so I could give them a try. I got the hang of beatmatching pretty quickly tbh, faster than I (and he for that matter) thought i ever would.
I practiced alot on those JB's (can't really remember the mixer I used, but it was probably JB too), and quickly moved on to my own set of Technics MK2's (invested all my saving I got from working at the age of 20ish).
From that point on, I was able to buy a pioneer mixer from one of my dj friends (djm-600, still working flawlesly till this day! Gotta love Pioneer), and the rest was history... Really fell in love with mixing from that point on, and never really stopped spinning records till now.

Comes september '20, and with the whole pandemic and such, decided it was time for a new upgrade, and went with a DDJ-800 from pioneer.
Mind was blown!!! Never tried digital before, since I have a substantial collection of vinyls of techno music from 2000 till 2012 ish.

So... now I'm investing most of my free time into playing records again (huge gamer here, but slowly losing interest tbh).
Decided to drop techno mostly, and go with tech house, since mixing that kind of music is way more satisfieing (sp?) to me.

Just made a mixcloud account and uploaded my first mix. (I would link my account here, but I think it's not really allowed, since there is a sepparate sub forum for that and I'm kind of new to this forum, so I'll work my way up, np).

Anyway, been lurking around these forums for some tips and tricks and general info, and this seems like a real good community!

I'm off, and hoping to meet some cool people along the way...


PS: My English writing isn't top notch, so excuse me for grammar stuff