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Thread: Rane One

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    Rane One

    Well, it looks like Rane finally came out with their own all in one controller; and while it is expensive ($1499.99 US), it certainly looks the part.

    Mojax's full review:
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    4 channel wouldve been nice

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    Nice machine, bet they repurposed some parts from the NS7 family.
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    They should have called it the RaNeS7.

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    A 2 channel NS7 that costs more, brilliant move for them to make it a Rane and not Numark. Rane = BUY BUY BUY! While I would love to try one, seeing how long ago the NS7 came out, and how little new this offers, and it not being 4 channel like the NS7. I dunno, I think it's too expensive personally. But I'm sure it'll sell like hot cakes. All the reviewers are raving about it, no doubt it's nice. I'm curious about the fan on the back, those rackmount size fans are never quiet, and some are obnoxiously loud. Dunno how often it comes on, but I have to imagine it's going to be very noticeable when it does. I just bought an 8000 Mk2 and Scratch mixer last week. Dunno if this had already been announced if I'd have went with it over what I got. But it would have been on my radar for sure. Best Buy use to have a music room and they had an NS7 on demo, I use to go and play on it every time I went to the store. I definitely liked it a lot more than every other controller I've tried since.

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