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Thread: Rekordbox hardware unlock questions.

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    Rekordbox hardware unlock questions.

    I just ordered a DDJ-FLX6, I've been a Serato user, and the controller comes with Pro which is nice. But I'm curious about Rekordbox. I know Rekordbox is subscription now, but their site says if you have a hardware unlock device, you get some of the core features.

    I don't need DVS so I'm good there, it says some of the core plan options will be unlocked. They don't list what's not included though. How much would I be missing out on between the free hardware unlock and the core plan?

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    First of all ..... a subscription plan for DVS software???!!! Jebus. Is this the 5th horseman of the apocalypse?

    It says on the site.

    Performance mode control, Recording, Sharing mix, MIDI Learn, MERGE FX*1, SAMPLE SCRATCH*2
    That probably means something to you. I can basically gather from their jargon that you will be able to use your controller to mix with.

    But seriously. Subscribe to software as a service to mix with Pie-On-Ear equipment Shouldn't they be trying to make good equipment first with half decent components, before trying to sell "cloud-sync-share-video-mix-shenanigans-EDM-where'sthedj" style stuff.
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    Subscribe to use your gear, is that a new concept. Reminds me of good old licencing issues, like people with bricked Oculus rift devices, because facebook said I don't like your profile, or you can't reinstall your laptop because Microsoft doesn't recognise your licence.

    What the hell is performance mode anyway, is that instant skills upgrades?

    Recording / sharing mix
    Holy mother of God, some software allowing me to record and share my mixes. Without a subscription. Is that some DJ noob bait or something, hey dude you haven't mixed a mix yet, but that thing is going to mix it and share it for you just press the button.

    And that's when we (DjForums) end up with more beginner threads like, "halp I have no sound in the headphones/speakers/cue/booth/record out"
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