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Thread: Activate sound mode with DMX lights

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    Activate sound mode with DMX lights

    I have a 192-ch DMX controller (think Obey 40, but no-name) and a few DMX lights. I have set up some scenes and they work great for certain kinds of songs, but I'd like to use the audio/sound mode for the lights on certain other songs (upbeat, party dance songs, etc). Is this possible? Or do I need to use a computer DMX program to accomplish this? I currently have a GIGBAR 2 (Rev 1) and 2 VPARs.

    Thanks in advance!

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    There are 2 possibilities here.

    - If the fixtures have a DMX setting for sound active operation the you just have to program that in as a scene and select it.
    - Many of these controllers can be set to operate in manual, auto, or sound active modes, when sound active is activated it cycles through the programed scenes to the beat of the music using the built in mic. This isn't the same as the sound active mode built into a fixture of course but it could produce similar results.
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    Paul nailed it, I have scenes for sound active mode that I will use when appropriate.

    I've also used a controller in sound active mode, the difference is it will run through a chase, or set of chases in sound active mode, so you have to program the scenes you want to run. I actually like that mode, fun to use with up lights...

    I just briefly looked at the manual for the Gigbar 2, don't see a DMX sound active setting.
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    The best thing you could do is transition to software/laptop DMX control of your lighting system. I use Chauvet ShowExpress and it works great. The reason I made the switch is the standard Obey 40 type controllers I had started developing problems with the faders. There is no way to export the saved scenes. When the controller dies you start over.

    With ShowExpress everything is saved and backed up. You can build on the shows as you go. It's not too difficult to figure out, there are plenty of tutorial videos on Youtube.

    My setup uses four independent control zones, the computer zones are called "Universes" - Stage, Dance Floor, House, plus a small Elation 12 channel manual controller for the overhead DJ console. lights.

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