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Thread: The legality of this quote request...

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    The legality of this quote request...

    Hi UK DJ's. I want to get opinions on the legality of this quote request...

    We've had a request from a restaurant for a DJ for their New Year's Eve party. Now whilst it's currently Tier 2 in all of our service areas, and restaurants can open as normal with all the relevant distancing and safety measures, I'm not sure of the legality of having a DJ at the venue...

    Any thoughts on this?

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    I think it's pretty much a case of no loud music allowed, no dancing allowed, so you'll be playing some socially distanced quiet tunes in the background, probably behind some PVC while wearing a mask and that's about it. But please double check all that before taking my word for it, because all those tiers and things are getting me lost sometimes. It's a bit like lockdown lite if you see what I mean.

    Good to hear that some DJs are slowly back to getting some opportunities, enjoy
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    I too take this as a sign of encouragement. Please take the gig and let us know how it goes. I believe Manu is right about what the expectation may be.
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