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Thread: Wedding DJ needs a real controller. Which to get?

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    Question Wedding DJ needs a real controller. Which to get?

    Hey DJs,

    I'm a long time DJ that's been using portable DJ rigs for a long time. (1) iPad Traktor DJ + Traktor Z1 Controller & (2) djay Pro2 + Algoriddim MIXTOUR Controller.

    I want to scrap the MIXTOUR for my computer controller (as it doesn't have tempo control faders or easy access cue-point buttons). Plus, (this is superficial, I know) but it just looks a bit "un-professional" showing up to high-dollar gigs (especially for corporations) with a tiny mixer...

    So what controller could I get?

    (About my style / usage)
    • I'm not married to "classic DJ'ing concepts" and I'm a regular user of SYNC.
    • I don't have a big need for big Jogwheels, as I don't scratch much, but it seems like they're a part of every controller I've seen and I'm open to learning how to use them as transition tools.
    • I haven't typically used lots of effects and DJ tricks, though I would like to have more capacities for smooth transitions in my toolkit.
    • I want to have powerful control over tempo using faders. If possible, I'd even like to be able to do large tempo swings (130 to 90 etc)
    • I want solid, responsive cue-point buttons
    • I've typically used 2 decks, but I've found myself wondering if 4 decks would be better for weddings as I can read the crowd better and choose the right song from multiple songs loaded
    • I would prefer the controller not be enormous
    • I don't know much about using samples, but I'm open to it for transitions

    Also, I'm open to feedback about what features of controllers that I don't know that I'm missing. What do I not know that I need? What's essential to your wedding/event DJ'ing?

    Thank you so much for your time and support,

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    Quote Originally Posted by CUTTaRUGG View Post
    Also, I'm open to feedback about what features of controllers that I don't know that I'm missing. What do I not know that I need? What's essential to your wedding/event DJ'ing?
    With controllers, it's always best to choose a software package first, then see what controllers work best with it. Since you use Traktor DJ, moving to Traktor Pro might be the easiest move. For DJF, most use Serato DJ, Traktor Pro, Rekordbox, and Virtual DJ. I, myself, use Traktor Pro with an S4 and love it. Two things to consider are

    1) Microphones - Most controllers have only one mic input. Wedding DJs often need two, so I'd recommend outputting from the controller to a compact mixer (like this) for additional mic inputs. You can obviously do the reverse (plugging mixer into the controller) - that's up to the DJ.

    2) Video. Traktor Pro doesn't do video. The other DJ apps do. It's something to consider.

    For weddings, the discrete components of the sound system don't really seem to matter as much as the look of what's seen - i.e. speakers with color-matching skirts, etc. YMMV.
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    I started using a 10" scratch mixer---the DJ Tech 303 its basically a knock off of the pioneer djm400 but it has 2 mic inputs instead of one. It has 2 built in sound cards and a bunch of onboard effects instead of depending on software effects. Its easy to carry around either in a gig bag or as I have it, inside an Odyssey case.
    Depending how much I'm getting paid, I bring one or two Numark CDJs---the old NDX900s which has MIDI USB out for controlling Traktor or Virtual DJ. It does have a 7" jog wheel so its good for tricks. It also plays old school CDs and thumb drives, in case grandma brings her favorite songs

    I used to bring a controller, but it got boring and I didnt want to look "cookie cutter"....the jog wheels are usually smaller as well except for the pioneer ddj1000 but thats if you want to spend $1000 on a controller. But if you do consider another controller get the denon prime 4, you get more bang for the buck
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