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Thread: DJing in COVID-19 times - New trends?

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    Tonight I'll be doing my first gig out at venue since March 2020. It's more of a cocktail bar though but it feels kind of strange to be gigging again.

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    I'ved played 8 or 9 gigs and have another this Saturday, the new norm seems to be that you're playing to two new generations of 18 year olds since thenow 19 year olds missed an entire year.

    They vape a lot on the dancefloor at weekends and drop the disposable ones once they're finished but then complain about micro plastics during the week.
    No masks in any of the clubs i've been in, I still wear my one with having some health issues since birth.

    That's about it really.

    Oh and I almost forgot, TikTok has reduced their attention span from around 2 minutes to 30 seconds.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ace Beats View Post
    Literally nothing going on here in the UK (with a brief few weeks during the summer where we could do number limited weddings). Essentially dead since March, so I've mostly been doing promo. Live streams, marketing, keeping my Google and FB pages lively with COVID news, music news, competitions and doing free live streams for Christmas and New Year.

    Obviously not great for business, but staying alive is clearly the priority, so I've just decided to go full bore marketing really (which none of my local competitors are doing). I'm just lucky I'm able to handle that financially for a while.

    Complete opposite experience here. It has been extremely busy ever since weddings were allowed to start again (June I think it was or July?) all weddings seem to have gone back to normal, standard Christmas break where I have a lot less, but it is generally back to normal, with the exception of staff at venues wearing masks. I have only been asked to wear a mask by one venue out of about 30.

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    The way i get round it is one of them visors. It's a pain when i want to use the mic because i forget and everyone hears the clack when it hits the visor
    Serato - VIEW
    HearThis - LISTEN

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    As soon as the govt opened it up to just 25 guests - literally wedding industry around here (USA, Kentucky, Lexington) has exploded.... and we did have some weddings with 17 people in July-Dec 2020.... but we were booked solid.... Yes we had to wear masks. Most venues required it for vendors. In 2020, almost all venues required it for all - but many did not enforce with guests.

    2021 again has raged in the wedding industry. It's like for those 4 months in 2020 that we were completely shutdown, a bazillion people decided when it was over they were getting married. There was enough work for every DJ - even the #DollarTreeDJs - no price too low nor too high. Wild. We cashed in on some.

    But we're actually slowing the whole company down & probably will be done by 2023 - not because of covid though - we could easily fill every single weekend with a wedding right now - it's insane.

    Our first 2022 gig is not until April. Not sure how that will look. No more mask or social distancing mandates, so of course no venues enforce any kind of mandate cuz $$$.

    We still wear our masks though - we don't have the luxury of having tons of backup dj's to do our weddings if we do go down with covid. So we do what we feel is best to keep us from getting sick. We have worn our masks since the beginning. And we wear it from setup to tear down. It was hard some nights when it was 90 degrees & dancefloor packed and your cloth mask is soaked from sweat, but we lived to tell the tale.

    Because of the epic uptick in weddings, all the professional dj's are fully booked. So lots of DJ's found themselves stuck in Fall 2021 when we did not have a mask mandate or vaccine mandate, and they would get sick with covid and start asking on facebook/texts - any dj that can do my wedding?? well, no. We're all booked. We're a good group of DJs that truly feel community over competition, but if you're booked you're booked - but we all tried to pitch in where we could to make it happen.

    It's been a wild ride that continues... for sure. and definitely not one I hope to ever have to repeat in my lifetime (once we finally get to the other side)...
    - jj -

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