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Thread: DJing in COVID-19 times - New trends?

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    Tonight I'll be doing my first gig out at venue since March 2020. It's more of a cocktail bar though but it feels kind of strange to be gigging again.

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    I'ved played 8 or 9 gigs and have another this Saturday, the new norm seems to be that you're playing to two new generations of 18 year olds since thenow 19 year olds missed an entire year.

    They vape a lot on the dancefloor at weekends and drop the disposable ones once they're finished but then complain about micro plastics during the week.
    No masks in any of the clubs i've been in, I still wear my one with having some health issues since birth.

    That's about it really.

    Oh and I almost forgot, TikTok has reduced their attention span from around 2 minutes to 30 seconds.

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