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Thread: Are there actually ANY parties happening anywhere right now?

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    In the US, it seems like the the worst is behind us due to vaccines. While it's not the end all, the vaccines do seem to be effective. People are dying significantly less. The rapid spread seems to be slowing down significantly. Is it over? No... but we're about - what, 60% back to normal (defined as life prior to COVID)?

    Bars are open and sporting events are being attended in person. What's last, indoor concerts and festivals? At that point, parties are back and DJing should be as well.
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    Mmeanwhile in France ... everything will be open in July.
    Everything except discothéques.

    [you gotta remember that France invented the discothéque]

    Sad really.

    I guess all the kids will be just holding illegal super-spreader raves.
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    I think things will gradually get better and the performances will return to their previous life!

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