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Thread: Are there actually ANY parties happening anywhere right now?

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    Are there actually ANY parties happening anywhere right now?

    Let me know! It'll help the rest of us stay positive

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    Hopefully not! We need to stop the coronavirus so that we can have massive parties again!
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    Read in the news here (NYC) that two sizeable parties were busted last weekend.
    One of the venues was a known underground spot where I have worked on some events.

    So yea, if it was in the paper that they busted two, there were probably a dozen more...

    But yea, this is not a good thing. In the USA there are many places where people are being totally effing stupid about this.
    Here in NYC you would think that people would know better seeing as hospitals were filled to overflowing not too long ago, but I guess they don't.

    Personally I would not go to any party rn or certainly would not work on any party if not for my own safety, then for the safety of my family.. if I got sick I would probably kill some family members. No party is worth that. I'm just pissed at the people who don't understand why they need to be careful, who are just making the whole thing drag out longer...

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