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Would you avoid subs that are at least 10+ years old? Seen many on eBay, Facebook marketplace etc etc which look dragged out to hell but see some at 500w rms odd, I'm thinking as it's only for the home, maybe 350w, 15"? Any difference between a 18" 300w sub and a 15" 500w sub?
Forget about the power rating, quality output results from quality components and designs so that is what you need to look for. Older speakers are generally going to be heavier than newer designs but if you're not moving them around all the time that won't matter as much, and boxes can be refinished, grills repainted. 18" subs generally produce more impact you can feel while 15's are often classified as tighter, air isn't a very dense medium so theoretically a larger woofer can produce more sound with less power than a smaller driver, all else being equal. If you find something for sale don't be afraid to ask for opinions here before buying it.