I'm selling my Urei 1620, so I made a Disco Mix to show that it works just fine. The mix is pretty good too. It has that remix called Grapevine that our own Andy Munro came up with, plus a bunch of other old school classic disco hits. Why am I selling my Urei, I have a Bozak and never use the Urei. So why am I keeping the Bozak? My first mixer back when I started was a Bozak, and I had my Bozak completely restored my the master himself, Mr. Buzzy Beck. They both sound about the same to me. The advantage of the Urei is that it has booth output, where the Bozak doesn't. The advantage of the Bozak is that it has no IC's in it, just resistors and capacitors. The advantage of both is that unlike any other type of DJ gear, they keep going up in value instead of down. Rotaries are capable of doing super smooth blends, and they seem to last forever.