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Thread: Really struggling to find music

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    Really struggling to find music

    I much prefer the music of the 90s early 2000s.

    Old Sasha and digweed. They always seem to have great tracks (back then. Digweed seems to be suffering what im suffering these days)
    Dark prog house, techno , house.

    Music used to be a lot more epic.

    I spend hours upon hours scouting beatport only to hear the same 3 or 4 styles of each genre repeated page after page.

    Music used to be so unique. Every track sounded vastly different from the next now everything sounds so similar.

    I used to buy records from a local shop and even though they would only get maybe 20 new tracks a week id still find 2 or 3 out if those 20 i wanted.
    Now I go through thousands without finding anything interesting.
    I swear producers now just try to sound like their favorite artist and just about no one is writing tunes of the quality we had back then. There's so little evolution though songs now. Its just loops. Loops loops loops. No emotion. No real direction. No journey.

    Its damned frustrating.

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    So I was driving today, listening to the Prodigy's Fat Of The Land, Japanese version because more goodies included. Then at the end of the album, and because it is stored on an SD card, I added this right where it should be. Nostalgia kicks in, but it is so good every single time. The sound is indeed fat. Watch out, NSFW.

    I stopped beatport a long time ago, because I thought I would pigeon hole myself into playing the same tracks as a number of other DJs.

    I swear producers now just try to sound like their favorite artist
    You're not half wrong with that. Here's a quote from Die Antwoord, as a response to when Lady Gaga asked them to open for her in South Africa:

    What happened to all the cool rappers from back in the day?
    Now all these rappers sound exactly the same
    It's like one big inbred f***-fest
    No, I do not want to stop, collaborate or listen
    The song is called Fatty Boom Boom, possibly the biggest diss since Eminem.

    I'll just add, a lot of them sound like they all have the same sound packs. They don't even bother to sample something and make something creative out of it. Dada fat sausage plugin cranked to 11.
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    there is too much offering these days - many more do produce tracks

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    To the OP, drop1, perhaps you could detail your record buying process to us? Perhaps the way you are searching for records is part of the problem? For me personally, I have days that nothing of value comes up when searching for digital music or music on vinyl. Then other days I'm finding tracks left right and centre.

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