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Thread: Serato FX hack.

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    Serato FX hack.

    So im trying to move away from using Serato at home and im planning on buying a pair of Denon SC6000s. The trouble is i dont want to use them HID mode and i would lose my Serato FX (meaning i need to buy an effects unit which is another 500 or so onto the cost).

    I think ive found a way to use my existing midi controller and route Serato FX through the send/return loop on my mixer. Ive bought some Jack to phono leads and im planning on having the send out go to the input on one of my soundcards channels, then the output goes back to the return in. What ill then do is set Serato to Thru mode and essentially run the sound straight through, being able to add the effects and most importantly have post fader effects as well as use the Denon's in their normal mode and not the limited HID.

    Im sure most people will find this useless or already know about it, but its just given me an easy to use my favourite effects engine and solved my issue for the small cost of a couple of leads, using my existing gear to do so.
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    If you’re able to get Serato effects on your mixer to apply to signal coming straight off vinyl I’d be really interested to hear more details.

    I’m only able to get the effects when playing pre-recorded or imported digital files.

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    I did not about this, but would like to hear your progress and how you set everything up.
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