Yeah I know, who the heck are The Platters. The Platters where a Black Doo-Wop group from the 50's that where famous for their rock and roll ballads. So what can I tell you about The Platters that you don't know already? They where the first black group to use strings on their records. They where the first black rock and roll group to have men and women. They have 16 gold records. They where the stars of the first rock and roll superstar tour. They have more top 10 hits than any other singing group of their era, and they have sold more than 100 million records! They where featured in a movie called "Rock Around The Clock", and when that movie opened up in England, the audience went so crazy during The Platters Segment, that the projectionist was forced to rewind the film, and play back The Platters segment! In 1982, Mercury released a Platters Medley of their 9 biggest hits. Only problem is that it was only 3 minutes long. I always liked that medley, but wanted a longer version of it. So last night, I sat down and came up with my own beat mixed Platters Medley, and this one is 15 minutes long, and includes the same 9 of their biggest hits. I hope you like it. You can listen to it here: