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Thread: Facebook nixing DJ streams

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    Facebook nixing DJ streams

    This is probably bad news for the DJ community as a whole. For me, selfishly, it brings joy. I hate FB and wish people would GTFO of there. Maybe this will help...

    "As of October 1, Facebook will reserve the right to delete users and user-controlled pages that “create music listening experiences for themselves and others” from the platform.
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    Was only a matter of time before they would monetise music. I bet if your name is Deadmau5 or carl Cox the page will stay up, while Joe Bloggs joins the others in the pit of nothingness. That's when DJs start leaving.

    Those facebook DJ pages were a spamfest that sounded like listening through a tin can connected to a string anyway.

    I've had some videos muted when I was on facebook. Like, one minute segments shot from inside my car, pulled because my radio was on. I left assbook a year ago, and I don't miss it one bit. Why do you think the USA just hijacked Tiktok anyway?

    Answer: $$$$$
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