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Thread: Best DJ Pool for Freestyle dance music?

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    Question Best DJ Pool for Freestyle dance music?

    Hey there!

    I used to DJ back in the late 80's / early 90's and a favorite genre of mine to mix was/is Freestyle dance music (TKA, Stevie B, Lil Suzy, etc.). BPM Supreme does a decent enough job with freestyle content, but am looking for more. I have a pretty sizable collection already, was mainly looking for more remixes (intros, short, extended, etc.) that DJ pools have for other EDM genres.

    Any other old skool DJs out there that know of a good record pool or store that has freestyle music?

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    The style/genre faded away pretty much so your best bet would be CD compilations or used vinyl (i.e.,

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    The idea with the DJ pools is that they are there to promote new music, so you usually don't find that much older stuff on them. Sometimes they have some throwback tracks but the core of their libraries is newer music.

    Like Rek said, it's probably easier to find older CD compilations or tracks on vinyl and rip them.

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    I don't know about current pools, but by coincidence I stumbled across this great freestyle mix today (4th one down). That DJ might tip you off to somewhere. Seems FB groups would be the goto.
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