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Thread: Erick Morillo dead at 49

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    Post Erick Morillo dead at 49

    According to a representative of The Miami Beach Police Department, officers are investigating Morillo's death after receiving a 911 call this morning at 10:42 a.m to 5660 La Gorce Drive in Miami Beach. Detectives are currently on scene and in the preliminary stages of the investigation. Details regarding cause of death have not yet been confirmed.

    Most of the articles out just mention his passing and go straight into his sexual battery assault charge last yr. This is the first I hear of it but I just want to share the news so I chose to quote the Billboard article which goes a bit deeper.

    I was a fan of his earlier work and of his label. I don't know any details about the assault charges so I'll leave it at that for now.


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    dang, rip. the intro to his hey hey song always gets me
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    Saw him perform in 2013. He will be missed.
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    My brother would sneak me out to underground parties back in the 90's and I remember being blown away by his Crystal Waters remixes and other's he did as Reel 2 Real.
    His label Subliminal always came correct. Top notch selections and compilations. I always looked up to him and aspired to be up there rockin' crowds like the way he did. This is a DJ who knows the game.
    This is a guy that can live the life and keep it together, and not get swept up by the machine. When I heard of the charges brought on him I was floored. Couldn't believe it... Didn't want to believe it... Not you man... not like this.
    Part of you wants to condemn him for what he's accused of... then again the other half says Innocent until proven guilty... Tragic either way you try and break it down.
    2020 sucks. RIP Erick "More" Morillo
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    Sad to hear, certainly all DJs from the 90s had a few of his tracks in their record box, he was very prolific in his productions and one of the biggest DJs back in the day.
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    Sad to hear these news.
    According to the article, he was struggling with addictions and ego-self-esteem issues.
    His music will live forever.

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