Some obvious edits here but I reckon they take some beating - That 78 Edits opener is as heavy as fook - luurvly.

Apols for Dr Packer overload but these are his stand out tracks for me bar one

And THAT Junior cut to close is just heaven - takes me straight back to school

Hope you like - stream and/or download

Get Down Baby (78 Edits Mix)- 78 Edits
Get Down - DR PACKER
Strange Sensation - THAT NEEDS AN EDIT
A Thousand Kisses - DR PACKER
We Gonna Shake It - Chris Grubizna
Spinnin' (Original Mix) - Alfa Flite
Luv Town - Dr Disco
Dancing Feet [Dr Packer Rework] - DR PACKER
2 The Bank - DR PACKER
Magic in Your Eyes - DR PACKER
I Tried (Original Mix) - Gnarly Cuts
Cloudy Days - Deadly Sins
Glad I'm In Love Again (Young Pulse Rework) (Long Version) - Geraldine Hunt
Mama Used To Say (Chris Baron Edit)- Junior