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Thread: Serato DVS Signal Deterioration

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    Serato DVS Signal Deterioration

    I cleaned up my Numark TTX's recently and plugged them into a Brand New RMX90 DVS Mixer so I can use Serato DJ Pro
    I cleaned the connections and put on some mostly new control vinyls.

    For some reason, the audio works for about 30-40 seconds and than slowly deteriorates into clicks and pops.
    I tried switching to just a regular vinyl to see if it was the needle itself (Shure M447's), but they worked fine.
    When I remove the usb and plug it back in, the audio starts up again but slowly deteriorates again.
    I tried different USB's, Different needles and headshells, and different control vinyl all with the same result.
    Could it be the RCA? these 18 year old turntables as well but have been indoors and protected.
    Mixer is brand new.

    707 Audio Deteriorating (see 34 Second Mark)

    Serato Scope looks ok

    once you plug back in, everything works for about 30 seconds.

    Same result with different needles (switched from 447's to whitelabels)
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    it might be ur usb buffer settings on ur laptop. play with that and see what it does
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    This might not be an option, but do you happen to have a second laptop or a desktop you could try out? Maybe it is a hardware issue, or the Serato software itself (in which case maybe a reinstall would help?)

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