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Thread: FatBoy Slim MASTERCLASS

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    watched the video, pretty entertaining guyy! push the tempo!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Joe Like View Post
    I watched the deadmau5 masterclass it was pretty funny and some good points in there, is armin van heldon's class any good? also is fatboy slims any good?
    I'm sure if you liked mau5 you will like AVH. fatboy slim's is in the OP (not part of the brand).
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    Saw him at Global Gathering one year, tore it up, the Audio Bully’s warmed up for him who were also unreal.
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    It's only because features like auto-sync have opened the doors for a bunch of lazy cunts to buy some gear and think they're a DJ a week later that we go round and round in circles with this same topic.

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