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Thread: Advice needed with live electronic set/setup

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    Put everything in place using two-sided tape and strips of velcro.

    It should be ok.. haven't detached anything yet because the glue is drying. It handled a short haul from upstairs to downstairs well and all the pieces of gear were intact tightly.

    I used 100mm pieces (in all four corners) for the synth and 50mm pieces for the rest, imo it didn't make a difference.. for the synth that could be too much and it doesn't come off without tools. I'll report later, my hypothesis is that the two-sided tape is the weak link.

    I'm still on a sick leave so no gigs for this or the next month.

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    The velcro&double-sided tape held well apart from a couple of them.. all in all I'm satisfied with the project.

    No glue residue on the gear.. I don't know whether contact glueing the velcro lowers the (possible) resale value of the gear, if I were to buy an all-in-one setup the case probably adds to it.

    EDIT : if it was to see use every weekend I'd definitely glue the velcro.. for a couple of shows the double-sided tape should do

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