Hello. 1st post. Shameless promotion.

I just went through the aggro of getting the controller I use on the appstore - been saying i'd do it for ages but it's amazing what a worldwide pandemic and being commanded to stay at home can do for your productivity...



It's free, works on anything running iOS13 or better and, for the moment has tightest integration to Traktor Pro 3. With a big ipad, i'd say it's all you need, on an iphone se, it's more like a remote control for a very casual mixing scenario. I've used various versions of it for ages - and happily using this version weekly for a local music venue that's streaming shows - https://www.mixcloud.com/StuartBoldt/

I need some other traktor users to kick the tires a bit and tell me what it needs to make it more universal - set-up is very easy on mac, slightly less so on pc but still totally do-able. Happy to help anyone out that's having trouble - contact me here or via the wesbite above.