Hello everyone,

Many years ago in WPB Florida Real Radio would play Techno at night and all day on the weekends. I've been looking for a few songs from back then and all I have to go on is the lyrics. And I'm not sure if I got them correct but does any body know the name of this song or artist. Best description I can give is there were very little words in in, but they were like from an old movie line with a female voice and she would say "Ewww Roses" "Ewww wee Ewww". In between these words was something else, I can hear it in my head, but cant really describe it other than mumble. Maybe a fictitious word "Sash sher" or something to that effect.

"Ewww Roses" "Sash sher" "Ewww wee Ewww"

I know its a lost cause, but thought I would give you guys a shot.

Appreciate any support you can offer,