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Thread: 20 years later, finally getting into it

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    20 years later, finally getting into it

    Not sure if I'll become a regular around here but figured I'd post something since I've already had some help from this forum when picking out my equipment. Long story short--been a fan of various forms of House music since I was in my teens and in college I briefly lived with a friend who had turntables. I had fun playing around with them but not enough to get my own. Over the years I've made a lot of music at home but lately got a real itch to mix records so a few weeks ago I finally made the leap and got some decks and a mixer and started collecting vinyl. It's been a lot of fun and I'm hoping I stick to it.

    Incidentally, on a whim I picked up a pair of control vinyl for the Serato software that came with my mixer and I'm enjoying that more than I thought I would. I quickly realized that a lot of tracks I like aren't on vinyl so it's been a great alternative. I didn't want to use a controller or CDs so it's great to be able to mix a digital file but have it feel like real vinyl. Anyway, that's about it. I've already been making some mixes so feel free to have a listen ([url] link removed[ /url]). And please excuse the somewhat vulgar name--just a joke for an old friend.
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    Welcome to DJF, Heliotropic27.

    Join some discussions, and offer some opinions! You'll have the requirements to post mixes before you know it!
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    Hi Heliotropic27, I look forward to your mixes when you've built up the permission to post them

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