This is a recording of a live streamed video set. If you're interested in how it fits into a program, and what's behind getting it out to the world, please read on.

While the weekly Transit party is dark because of COVID-19, we've been live streaming every Wednesday night. This video is from last night, a luau-themed evening. It includes my opening set plus part of the next guy's set. The event had four one-hour sets in all.

For the Transit live stream, each DJ plays at home live and streams his A/V to a hub operated by one of our crew. There, the hub guy adds visual effect overlays and sends the stream on to multiple platforms such as facebook, Twitch, and others. Most of the DJs are using OBS to generate their streams, and our hub guys use Restream to add the overlays and send the stream on out. Hub guys may also be using other stuff that I'm not aware of. While the DJ sets and visuals are looking and sounding OK, we're still working on adding polish to the way we transition from one DJ to the next. There are sometimes delays when changing over. Since it's not practical to mix in on changeover, we're throwing in some archive video footage while we switch the stream in the background. Big ups to the two guys in our crew, Grom and Max, who took the lead in researching this and figuring out how to set up the components to get it all running.

For the set last night, I had three laptops going: one to run Traktor for the music, one to aggregate the audio and the video and stream it to the hub, and one to monitor and respond to messages from the hub guy. For the stream to work well, the stream computer needs to have a wired ethernet connection rather than wifi. You could probably run this stuff on fewer than three computers, but doing this for the first time, I didn't want to take chances on messing up while toggling between apps.

Perhaps some of you know a lot more about live streaming than what I've discussed. Since this is new to most of us, anything anyone can share is of value. Grom and Max may offer further comments on this thread and can answer questions.