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Thread: Help with finding Elucidate - Deep In Vocal Euphoria sets/tracklists.

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    Help with finding Elucidate - Deep In Vocal Euphoria sets/tracklists.

    Hi all, just wondering if I can ask for some help.
    I recently found my old Ipod when moving house. Haven't even seen the thing for around 12 years! Gobsmacked at all the amazing late 90's to mid 00's trance I have on there that I've forgotten about over the years.
    I've pretty much been listening to everything on there every minute of every day, the memories and feels coming back to me. Epic tunes from a very special time of my life.
    Chief of which are the Elucidate mixes which I have totally forgotten about.
    For the last week I've been scouring the internet trying to find all the mixes and set lists. I've found most, if not all of the mixes although they are suuuper low quality (60-70kbps which sound GARBAGE).

    I've been signing up to literally every trance forum and community on the net seeking out anyone that may have any of the Elucidate mixes/tracklists.
    I need Deep In Vocal Euphoria sets 15 (hour/part 1) and 25 - 46.
    Also looking for the Lucid Dream Black mix which seems impossible to find now.
    Am fairly confident I have all the other mixes Elucidate have done in at least 256kbps. Have quite a few in 320.

    Have found a lot of track lists for them but am still missing most of them from around DiVE 33 - 46 plus DiVE 13 (Ray vs. Kyo, Tenthu and Andy Moor sets), 15 (Airbase Pt.2), 25 (pt2 Tom Colontonio), 27 (pt.2 Milan Lieskovsky).

    It's a shame that the old forum doesn't exist anymore. Am sure that had most of the set lists that I am looking for, unfortunately it's so hard to find them for the later DiVE sets as well as finding decent quality versions. I've scoured torrents and p2p networks but alas, no luck.
    There are a lot of the DiVE mixes on sound/mixcloud but they are the 60-70kbps versions that I've found.

    I did contact Ken Loi (main part of Elucidate) but he no longer has them which is really unfortunate.

    My hope is to build a full good quality library of all Elucidate mixes complete with set lists and I will host online for all to enjoy once more. I just need help

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    I think that if Ken Loi doesn't have it, it will be very difficult for you to find the tracks you are interested in. Although, I think he should know the people who have them.

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    If anyone is still looking for these, please PM me. I have all the mixes through 29 and a good number of the ones after that. Sadly, only about 192kbps for most of them, and missing a number of tracklists.

    Edit: I've finished collecting the DIVE sets in 320kbps.
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