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Thread: Pioneer ddj 1000 or Traktor s4 mk 3?

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    Pioneer ddj 1000 or Traktor s4 mk 3?

    Hi everyone Iím new to the forum so a big HELLO. Right Iím after opinions and thoughts. I have been a DJ years ago djing all over the U.K. and running my own events a lot of years ago. Took a long break but mixing is in my blood and wanting to get back into it. I started my mixing a long long time ago learning in belt drive turntables then progressing to trusty technics, then moving into cdjís. I have had a few budget controllers Including a pioneer and a traktor s2 but Iím looking now at the pioneer ddj 1000 and the traktor s4 mk 3. I know thereís pros and cons for both but any recommendations on what you guys think and would choose could prove invaluable to me

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    My personal choice would be the Traktor S4 mk3. I am saying this because I like NI products. I have an mk2 so my opinion may be biased. Features wise, portability, mk3 wins. If you are looking for something more in line with the club layout, has dual USB input for seamless dj changeover then Pioneer is the one to get. Cant go wrong with either, both are quality products.

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