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Thread: Silent Disco kit but need speakers on low

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    Silent Disco kit but need speakers on low

    I have a silent disco kit coming but all our lights work off sound. How would i connect the transmitter to the Hi-Fi so it sends a signal to the headphones but also need the hi-fi speakers to work so it activates the lights? Or what extra kit do i need?

    So head phones will be loud music
    Speakers just loud enough to set off the lights

    Light need to work or her in doors wont be happy

    Thanks in advance

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    i dont think thats gonna work, because normally the peoples voices will be very very loud. music has to be quite loud in a club just to overcome that ambient noise. the more you turn it up, the louder they will talk and so on. so, very quiet music will probably not be enough to trigger your lights or the lights will be affected more by people screaming and shouting than your music.

    if i were you id look into setting up some DMX software to control the lights and respond to the music internally, iv never done it, but im sure its possible
    virtual DJ can do this i think.

    easier option of course is to set the lights to auto, or get a manual DMX controller and trigger them manually yourself
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