Hey all!

My name is The Loud Mouth and I am from Canada. I am here as no major music site has any social functions and I wanted to join an online community where people are as passionate as I am.

I have been dancing to house music since the age of 3 and have spent the last 20 years visiting floors around the world. DJing now for about 10 years, I have only recently came into myself as an artist. As a dancer first and foremost, I try and use mixing techniques to elevate listeners/dancers through my track transitions.

I love a lot of dance music, but as The Loud Mouth I play Tech House, Dub Tech, and Electro House. I'm not too fond of overly machinist/modern chaos and love the melodic heavy basslines of the early 2000s. I also love Garage and Bassline House.

I am looking forward to interacting with this community and thanks for making space for one loud m*ther f*cker