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Thread: Beatport & Trax Source: Pro's and Con's please?

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    Beatport & Trax Source: Pro's and Con's please?

    Guys & Girls,

    Im unsure whether to purchase tracks from either BeatPort or Traxsource....

    Can any of you please give me some general feedback with any pro's and con's for either platform?

    Thank you, Newbie

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    If you find the same tracks on both, there's really no difference. You pay, you get the track and that's basically it.
    It's more about what kind of music they offer. BeatPort has a wider range of music, basicallly everything in dance and electronic music. Traxsource is a bit more specialized in house music only, but you get plenty of variety in that whole genre.

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    I prefer Traxsource as i find it much easier to use and it caters to the type of music im into, not that i have a specific type, it just has the kind of sounds i like i guess... i may be speaking completely out of turn but ive always found Beatport to be a lot more commercial when it comes to dance music, and its genres are completely screwed up (although better than what they were).
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    What kind of music are you looking for? While there are many similarities between the two, genre has always impacted which site I use.

    And hey, why not sign up to both? When you get sick of the colour scheme on one site, you can just flip to the next one!

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    why not both?

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