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Thread: Pioneer DDJ-SP-1 and Rekordbox 6

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    Pioneer DDJ-SP-1 and Rekordbox 6

    Hi there,

    I purchased the Pioneer DDJ-SP1 and i am trying to connect it to rekordbox 6 (free version). Unfortunately nothing is happening in Rekordbox 6.

    I have a Mac with the latest iOS and rekordbox 6 (free version) in performance mode. I connect the pioneer DDJ-SP1 via the USB and it powers. However, nothing happens in rekordbox 6. I don't have any other device connected like a mixer or a cdj, or other, because i don't own one.

    Why is rekordbox not recognizing it? Do i need a midi mapping file for the DDJ-SP1 to work in recordbox 6? I know that back in the day of recordbox 4 this was needed but this is supposed to work seamlessly with rekotrdbox 6. What am i doing wrong? Any help is really appreciated.

    Many thanks.

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    The SP-1 is only a sub-controller; it doesn't have transport controls or pitch so you need a main controller for it to work.
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    It's because to use the DDJ SP1 with Recordbox 6 you have to have the paid plan. Welcom to the world of Rekordbox 6.

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