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Thread: Starting out

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    Starting out

    Hi all,

    So I've had a look through the beginners guide information and the suggestions in respect of the equipment you need. I'd like to start out at a really basic level, as with kids and other commitments, i'm not too keen to invest too much at this moment in time. I don't have much of a budget at present neither, but if i become more confident then i'll certainly build a budget to get better equipment/ software. Couple of initial quick questions below;

    Hercules DJ Control Inpulse 200

    I did a bit of a search online and on youtube and the above came up as a good starter. Does anyone have any opinions on this or used this in the past?

    The main things i am interested in are mixing tracks (mashing up?!?) and generally mixing one track into another.

    Second question is, it states you need DJUCED software which is free. Do you have to pay for a version to be able to do more stuff or is the free one adequate.

    Third question is, do i need anything else, other than speakers and headphones as a minimum?

    Thanks all and apologies if this is covered elsewhere, i did try and do a search.

    Thanks for your help.


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    Same as anything or any hobby, if you go on a forum for enthusiasts and say you want to get into it by buying the cheapest possible system, the response you will get is usually negative with regards to the hardware.

    If I went on a car racing forum and said I was buying the absolute cheapest car available from a high street shop to race, you could imagine the response.

    That being said, any hobby is relatively expensive to start when you are just beginning and don't know if you will like it. Be it cars, push-bikes, music ... whatever.

    If you aim is to test out what DJing is about and see what it feels and sounds like to put some tracks together, then that controller will do the job. Just be assured that if you enjoy it, then you would have trouble selling that equipment for anything other than chump change when you decide to upgrade.

    You will need speakers (amplifier if necessary), a computer and heapdhones.

    Will the software hold you back? Not really. It is more important to have a good music collection. A good music collection costs a hell of a lot of money, and no, your spotify will not work.

    Sure, mixing on a small controller is not as enjoyable as using record decks, mixer and a ton of records. But it is a lot more accessible, so is easier to recommend for a beginner.

    Like riding a bike, it aint difficult and can bring great enjoyment. And like riding a bike, you don't need to spend thousands to enjoy it. But there are advantages to great equipment in all walks of life.

    As for if the specific product you are looking at is good value compared to other items in the same price range? Again it is the cheap car analogy...what do you really expect? At that price range there is little to recommend over anything else. And like with cars - you'll get a better experience by studying about them on your own and buying something better second hand.
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    Thanks Pete, great feedback and its given me a bit of confidence to invest a little more and give it a go. Thanks for taking the time to respond, very much appreciated.

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