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Thread: would 3 speakers sound better than 2 with my amp?

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    would 3 speakers sound better than 2 with my amp?

    Hi everyone!
    hope you are all keeping well in these awful Covid times....

    Me: I just do a few bits & pieces of dj type stuff for friends/neighbours so strictky amatuer - hence my question! I just want a slightly better sound / meaning less distortion on the bass units so thought 'spreading the load' may help here.

    Amp: Torque T100 standalone amp
    Speakers: Peavey PVi 10 (x2)

    Additional info: I got these v cheap from a guy who was just making some space at home as he was older now and didn't use them (he did a bit of dj'ing in the past but didn't use these anymore). I use my iphone plugged in and Spotify to play requests from friends/neighbours/whoever.

    My Q: Could I add a third Peavey PVi10 to give me the same volume but without what is sometimes a but of bass distortion on some tracks? I was recently playing outside just for my neighbours during lockdown to cheer them up on a warm weeken afternoon and I like to do my best within reason.
    I can't justify loads of money - just know I can get another one of these for cheaper than a powered sub plus it might (?) make the sound more evenly spread out in a given venue.

    Hope someone can advise here.Many thanks in advance....

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    Your Peavey speakers are bargain basement stuff. So they will never sound good, especially if they are worn out. A third one will not sound good.

    Getting a sub and an EQ system / DSP would solve the issue.

    But it all comes down to budget. Nothing in life is free. Except playing out to crowds from Spotify. But that is technically illegal...
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