I know this probably gets asked a lot, but I really need some help in deciding which controller/software to go for.

Basically, I DJd back in the late 80s/90s for a bit, but haven't touched a mixer/decks for a LONG time. So have been looking at getting a controller to get back into it. This will probably only be for fun, maybe do some family house parties etc over time.

I'd pretty much decided on pulling the trigger on the DDJ400/Rekordbox when they're back in stock. Part of that was I liked that Rekordbox has a built in tutorial mode, which looks like a good way to ease you in.

But, then saw some reviews of the new Mixtrack Platinum FX last week, and its now totally thrown me.

Feature wise it looks great, and a bit of a step up from the DDJ400 for similar price. I know it only comes with Serato Lite so I'd need a licence upgrade to get the same level of software function, but its not a huge increase in price if bought as a package wit the controller.

After reading more, it also looks like Serato is a bit simpler to get into than Rekordbox. I've also read that its better for mixing non EDM music.
Id be playing a lot of 80s funk/sould/disco/rare groove so this actually could be pretty important if true.

But its difficult to find a definitive answer. A lot of posts say "choose the software, not the controller". But then you read review of the software and a lot of them will say "the choice of software will be partly down to what controller you want to use".

But am I right, or would the DDJ400 actually be the better option, based on what I want to play/level of experience.