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Thread: The Sennheiser HD 412 lollipop headphone - REDO

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    The Sennheiser HD 412 lollipop headphone - REDO

    Hey everybody,

    Is there anyone out there that has an original Sennheiser HD 412 lollipop headphone that they would consider loaning me so that the handle could be scanned and 3D printed?

    I am considering making a 3d printed version using Beats components.

    I am a 61 year old man that was a club/ mobile DJ back in the 70s.

    I had a Sennheiser 412 and sold it after I got out of the DJ world.

    I am back and I would like to build a Sennheiser 412 style headphone with modern drivers and components.

    I also built a “telephone” headphone in 1976 and used it extensively. I could build another, but I always liked the Sennheiser.

    Would this be of interest to any of the other members?

    Thanks for the consideration.

    Ernesto “cool ernie” Fuentes
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