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Thread: Hello from the UK!

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    Hello from the UK!

    Hey DJs from around the world!

    I'm new to DJing and therefore also new to this forum. I've been 'lurking' and gaining a lot of useful insight for the last month or so but thought I'd take the leap and introduce myself.

    I've wanted to DJ for YEARS now. All through secondary school/college/university I was always asked to 'DJ' any parties or gatherings between me and my friends (at his point, my 'DJing' went as far as putting a spotify playlist together). However, since my appreciation for DJs as artists and performers has grown, I wanted to enter into the world and finally learn what it is to truly read a room, perform a set and make the crowd go wild.

    I've put together a couple of mixes and have come a long way since I first purchased my gear, and I'm sure I'll be posting some of them in the appropriate section of the forum when I feel appropriate.

    Thanks for reading, please do say hello and I look forward to contributing to this forum in the coming years.

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    Hello and welcome.
    The most important part of DJing is the music and the appealing to the audience so you are on the right track.
    Mixing skills can be easy enough to pick up.

    Getting gigs or even getting close to considering DJing as anything more than a expensive hobby....well that's a whole other barrel of monkeys.
    bored, curious, deaf or just bad taste in music?
    finally a mix by me
    and what's this, another shoddy mix...another dull mix

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    Hi Gardfall, I look forward to hearing your mixes when got the permissions to post them

    Reading a room and getting the crowd to go off is one of the most rewarding aspects of being a dj, I wish you well!
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    Howdy. I mentioned this in another thread but I look forward to hearing everyone's mixes eventually. Hopefully with more newcomers arriving this forum will become a bit more active.

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    Welcome! from California! I'm just getting started on this forum, but have been djing over 20 years.

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