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Thread: Traktor Z2 & Pro Dj software

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    Traktor Z2 & Pro Dj software

    Hi guys,

    ok finally setup my mixer to my laptop so been potting about with it, im mainly using DVS but what is annoying at the mo is the Auto Sync, how do i totally disable it? I mix with my Technics 1210's using DVS s& i prefer to beatmatch using the pitch control on my 1210's just as i would without DVS, but the software in trakto Pro 3 keeps trying to auto sync when im using DVS.

    So yup, i just want to diable the auto sync / Beat Match etc.. I just want to do it all manually using my 1210s pitch control

    Any help appreciated! thanks

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    I found this thread in the Traktor forums. It's a few years old, but I hope it's still helpful.
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