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Thread: want to move to DVS cheaply - questions about innofaders

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    want to move to DVS cheaply - questions about innofaders

    im looking at a gemini PMX10 mixer so i can cheaply get into DVS (just for live streaming, not clubs)

    question: the pmx10 is listed as "innofader ready" which, to me, implies it doesnt come with a very good x fader , however i have a small DJ tech tools 'handykutz' mixer, which says it has a Innofader in it

    does that mean i can just swap out the faders on these two mixers? iv never done anything like that, so im not sure.

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    Get in touch with them direclty to get the definitive answer.
    Elliot Marx is the creator of the innofader and was active on djforums when he was coming to market.
    He's a nice guy with loads of information, and rightly proud of his product.
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